Updating of Mogale City Local Municipality Spatial Development Framework (SDF)

KENA Consult was engaged by Mogale City Local Municipality to review & update their 2011 SDF. The objectives of the review were:

  • Provision of a long-term spatial development vision statement for the entire municipal area indicating desired spatial growth and patterns
  • Alignment of the SDF to the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act
  • Alignment with other relevant local, provincial and national development perspectives, plans and frameworks
  • Identification of the significant spatial structuring elements in the municipal area
  • Provision of a strategic assessment of environmental sensitive areas and their spatial location
  • Determination of the purpose, desired impact and structure of the Land Use Scheme to apply in the municipal area.

The SDF was framed around the following vision:

“…A Mogale City Local Municipality that is inclusive, cohesive, resilient and transformative, which provides high quality of services within a spatially efficient environment, and thus delivering shared prosperity, hospitality, beauty and security and a sense of place…”

In order to give effect to the MCLM Spatial Development Vision, the following six Spatial Development Objectives were formulated: