Development of an Integrated Rural Development Plan for Xhariep District, Free State Province

The objective of the project was to develop a Rural Development Plan for Xhariep District Municipality in Free State Province.  The District Municipality was identified to be among those that are characterized by poverty, poor spatial planning, lack of economic opportunities and poor access to basic services.  The objective was also to align the plan with other government initiatives at the national, provincial and local government spheres.

A key element of the process was the identification of functional regions or spatial zones that are defined by common characteristics across administrative jurisdictions.  The assignment involved a resource analysis in order to identify the functional regions and develop detailed level plans including network and value chains for each functional region. The plan also detailed \proposals for linking poverty pockets into the value chain of the functional areas.

Development of Rural Land Use Management & Regulatory Guidelines for South Africa

KENA Consult was contracted by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reforms to develop Rural Land Use Management & Regulatory Guidelines.  The Guidelines are a strategic instrument to help in the achievement of various policy objectives as set out by the National Development Plan (NDP), Comprehensive Rural Development Program (CRDP) and Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act (SPLUMA). The Guidelines provided a working definition of rural areas in South Africa as

“…firstly, as areas that were previously known as homelands. It also extends to villages and areas under the control of traditional authorities, community property associations and also areas that were dispersed from the central areas of municipalities and did not form a part of a formal municipal town planning scheme”