Development of a Tool for Land Use Suitability Assessment In South Africa

The objective of the project was to develop a Land use Assessment Criteria with the following components:

  • A description of land use types and their attributes, i.e., land form, soils type, vegetation, geology, topography and other features in a way that enables subsequent analysis of the alternative land capabilities
  • Develop a decision-making tool that objectively guides the choice of one land use over the other in cases where the land can be used for multiple purposes
  • Develop criteria that ensures that the procedures and processes undertaken to choose a specific land use for development are transparent and understood by all stakeholders
  • Providing justification and rationale for every criterion that is proposed, and
  • Give effect to the development principles and applicable norms and standards established in Chapter 2 of SPLUMA.

A visual glance of the model is given below;

Development of a Land Use Scheme for Mogale City Local Municipality

KENA Consult was contracted by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reforms to Develop a Land Use to be implemented in tandem with SDF. A Land Use Scheme (LUS) forms part of a Municipality‚Äôs Land Use Management System. It is mandatory that a municipality develops & adopts a single land use scheme for its entire municipal area in order to guide, manage development & allocate land uses in accordance with the Spatial Development Framework (SDF).  It gives effect to the Mogale City Municipal Spatial Development Framework and determines the use and development of land within the Municipality‚Äôs area of jurisdiction in order to promote among others;

  1. Economic growth
  2. Social inclusion and cohesion
  3. Efficient land development
  4. Good public health, a healthy environment and natural resources
  5. Guarantee the right to sustainable cities
  6. Democratic administration
  7. Fair distribution of the benefits and burdens resulting from the urbanization process in order to minimize segregation
  8. Adaptation of tools of economic, tax and financial policy

Equality of conditions for public and private agents.

Development of a National Land Use Classification Framework for South Africa

KENA worked in Partnership with Gwarajena TRD to develop a National Land Use Classification Framework for DRDLR. The project involved undertaking a thorough audit of the existing situation, analysis & consolidation of existing information relating to the rationale for & types of land use classification systems locally & internationally.